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Social responsibility



Sociale responsibility
The most of our produced items are made in China. For us it is very important that the employees have fair working conditions.
That is the reason why HPH AG has releationships with partners and factories which are BSCI, ICTI, CEDEX, Disney, Universal
and so on certificated.

Eight standards about the BSCI code of conduct:

• Forced labour is prohibited

Each form of forced labor and captive labor is prohibited which violate human rights.

• Child labor

Exploitation of child labor mustn‘t be. Any form of exploitation of children is prohibited.

• Fair employment:

Binding contracts are required.

• No discrimination

No discrimination of sex or age, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation,
political opinion, religious or social background.

• Healthy working environment:

There are specific guidelines and rules to launch for the occupational safety and healthy.

• Solidarity:

In situation or countries where the freedom of association and the rights of collective
bargaining are restricted by law, there are parallel processed of independent and free
organization and negotiation should be encouraged.

• Fair wages:

The salary must at least fulfill or exceed the minimum wages by law and the usual in the industry.

• Decent working hours:

Overtime in only allowed on voluntary basis. The maximum permissible working
hours per week take 48 hours; the maximal overtime per week is 12 hours.
After six successive working days at the workers must get least one day off.


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