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Open a new tooling
According to the hand sample we open a new mold. This is the basis for the production.

Hand painting
The figurines will be hand painted. Each figurine is painted with commitment and precision until it is perfect.

The injection of the figurines will be done with the product specific granules  

Logo printing
Each figurine will get a machine printed logo on its hat.

Drying oven
To avoid any smell contamination of the figurine painting, the figurines will be aired in the drying oven for total 60hours.  

Each figurine will be checked and postprocessed if necessary.

Quality control
The figurines will be checked one by one. After this step they will be packed as per customer’s request.

Quality control of injection
The figurines will be checked before painting.

After packing the items it will be
final packed in master cartons
and then they will be loaded in
the container.

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